Mac's Mining Repair Service

Welding Shop

Mac's Mining Repair Service is accustomed to welding and fabricating heavy duty equipment in a professional manner.  All of the pictures above are examples of this.

The large picture above is the Fifth Wheel Truck that Mac's manufactured in it's welding facility.  Mac's also manufactured the
Shield Trailer that is connected to the Fifth Wheel Truck.

The small picture above is a Getman 220 that Mac's rebuilt requiring much structural repair and re-fabrication.  Oh, by the way, Mac's also manufactured the lowboy trailer in it's welding shop that the Getman is pictured on.

Mac's is also very capable of manufacturing a diversity of smaller items to suit the needs of the customer.  Examples of this are pictured below.

This first picture are some aluminum high voltage cable crossovers that were manufactured by Mac's to help a customer to safely cross high voltage cables in the section..

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This next pictures are some light and camera towers that were manufactured for a local pageant site.

Mac's has also fabricated these items in it's welding shop.

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