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Over 30 Years Experience

In 1983 after working many years in various coal mines in the western U.S., Mac C. Sitterud started Mac's Mining Repair Service in a small shop near his home in Huntington, UT.  All five of Mac's sons and his daughter eventually joined him in building up the company and moving it into a larger facility .  The oldest two sons brought their own mining experience into the company and each son and daughter brought their own skills and talents to the company.
Mac's is well known as the one to go to for "heavy duty" products and professional service.  This reputation has come from providing an array of services that keeps the customers in production.
Over the years Mac's has served as a full service rebuild and overhaul facility, a manufacturing facility, an on-site service provider, a parts supplier,  a crane service and a trucking company.
Mac's has experience working in many environments including, in underground mines, on mine surfaces, at and inside the material preperation plants, construction sites, natural gas wells and pumping facitlites, and at power generation plants.
The diversity of the services that Mac's provides allows our company to be a valuable resource for the customers we serve.

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